5-Year Sustainability Roadmap (2019-2023)

Goal 1: Building a Smart, Safe and Sustainable KLCC Precinct

As a real estate player, KLCCP Stapled Group plays an important role in creating a positive environment and contributing towards the country’s socio-economic development. We have achieved significant milestones, being the largest REIT and only stapled security in Malaysia with a diversified asset portfolio, strategically located in Kuala Lumpur’s most premium location. We endeavor to create long-term value and deliver sustainable returns and yields for our holders of Stapled Securities, towards economic resilience.

Our Approach

Our economic contribution is delivered by going beyond business-as-usual to create value for our shareholders and stakeholders including our customers, employees, suppliers, regulators and the Government. We are committed to manage our business responsibly and align our business processes and strategies to support sustainable development and growth across our operations.

We acknowledge our role in contributing positively to the industry’s and the nation’s growth through nation building, spurring social development, enhancing customer experiences, providing building-to-building connectivity, being the catalyst for surrounding development and providing the balance between commercial, public space and greenery through sustainable development.

Focus For The Year

Supporting Government’s effort in economic recovery through campaigns for local entrepreneurs
Raising business resilience and business continuity in responding to the market and economic challenges
Building trust through continued engagement with investment community via virtual platforms
Elevating customer, guest and community experience, leveraging technology and data analytics

Our Material Matters

KLCCP Stapled Group focuses its priority to drive sustainable growth and create significant value for its stakeholders through various strategic efforts. These strategic priorities coupled with our diligent monitoring of our financial, operational initiatives and cost optimisation efforts results in KLCCP Stapled Group delivering a stable performance and sustainable returns to the holders of Stapled Securities.

KLCCP Stapled Group is dedicated to enhancing real estate development to facilitate economic growth whilst promoting societal well-being. Our development within the KLCC Precinct has long been the catalyst for growth, in particular for the city of Kuala Lumpur, making its mark as an iconic destination and is today becoming The Place that people look forward to coming to. Having all the components of a city-within-a-city, it is a place where people converge for business and leisure, bridging people together and building a stronger sense of community.

Driving Sustainable Growth

Customer and Guest Experience
  • Secured 40 new retail tenants which included six first-to-market tenants and exclusive to Suria KLCC, providing a wider mix of retail offerings to meet current demands
  • Boosted sales and drove footfall to our retail mall through promotional activities, reward programmes, discount vouchers and other incentives to shoppers such as the “Golden Ticket” reward campaign where shoppers spent a minimum of RM150 and were eligible to draw RM5000 Suria’s cash vouchers that can be spent at any participating outlet
  • Introduced exciting hotel offerings which included staycation packages, meeting packages and new F&B experiences
Spurring Economic Growth
  • Supporting the Government in the Buy Malaysian Campaign 2020 as a venue sponsor for the campaign launch and Suria KLCC as the venue for the local entrepreneurs to showcase their products during the campaign
  • Suria KLCC collaborated with community interest group, the Komuniti Tukang Jahit to support the low-income earners affected by the pandemic
  • Completed the 10-metre new pedestrian bridge connecting Menara Dayabumi to Central Market enhancing connectivity surrounding the older business district of Kuala Lumpur
Nation Building
  • One of the largest integrated real estate developments in the world and a much sought-after business address. A benchmark for property development in the country, spurring economic activities within and surrounding the development, creating a vibrant place for people from all walks of life
  • KLCC is the home to many iconic attractions. It has become The Place where business thrives and a must visit destination for both local and foreign tourists alike
  • Maintaining public infrastructure such as the pedestrian bridges and tunnels surrounding KLCC Precinct and Menara Dayabumi to ease connectivity to and from the city centre


Integrated Building Control and Command Centre (IBCC)
  • Pilot launch of the Integrated Building Control and Command Centre (IBCC) for the operations of all facilities within KLCCUH that provide real-time and automated monitoring and reporting
Smart Alert Video Analytics for HSSE Non-Compliance
  • Establishment of smart alert video analytics for HSSE non-compliance, People Counting Sensor and People Heatmap video analytics within KLCC Precinct common areas and real time facial recognition. The video analytics is equipped with features that can detect suspicious activities in real-time and send alarms for security’s action
NWD Car Park Cashless Payment Solutions
  • Transformation of NWD car park into fully ticketless and cashless payment car park with total digital surveillance
Digital F&B Menus at MOKL Hotel
  • Conversion of F&B menus of all MOKL Hotel outlets into digital menus with QR codes
Digital Marketing for Retail mall and Hotel
  • Suria KLCC and MOKL Hotel produced electronic/digital materials for sales, spa and F&B as e-Flyers of promotions/offers, for ease of sharing via WhatsApp and emails
HSE Digital Communications
  • Suria KLCC produced videos on mall’s health and safety measures to communicate adherence to strict hygiene and safety standards

Commitment to Capital Market Development

Promoting Industry Growth through Affiliations

KLCCP Stapled Group promotes industry growth through its various industry associations it supports that are aligned with our shared values. Our memberships enable us to contribute towards the development of the real estate, retail and hotel industries. Through these memberships, we are also able to promote professionalism as well as share best practices in the industry.

Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH)

KLCCP has been a member of the Council of Patron Level since 1996 and has been actively participating as participants and speakers in conferences organised by the Council.

Federation Internationale des Administrateurs de Bien-Conselis Immobiliers (FIABCI) Malaysian Chapter

KLCCP is a member of FIABCI Malaysian Chapter and supports the Federation through its various events, seminars and talks organised annually

Malaysian Investor Relations Association (MIRA)

KLCCP Property Holdings Berhad registers as a member since 2014. MIRA is the first and only professional association commited to developing and advancing the status and integrity of Investor Relations (IR) professionals

Malaysia REIT Managers Association (MRMA)

KLCC REIT Management Sdn Bhd is a member of the Malaysian REIT Managers Association (MRMA). MRMA also represents its members' interest through engagement with the Malaysian Goverment and regulators for functional regulations, viable structures and tax harmonisation. This ensures Malaysian REITs remain competitive within the region and internationally

Persatuan Pengurusan Kompleks Malaysia
International Council of Shopping Centers

Suria KLCC has been a member of the Persatuan Pengurusan Kompleks (PPK) Malaysia since 1995 and a member of the International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC) since 2003

KLCC Business Events Alliance
Malaysian Employers Federation
Jactim Foundation
Malaysian Association of Hotel Owners
The Japanese Chamber of Commerce
Persatuan Hotel Malaysia

Mandarin Oriental Hotel's membership in these association enables them to expand their business networking, leverage on the Association's database and solicit for potential business



5-Year Sustainability Roadmap (2019-2023)

Goal 3: Combating Climate Change and Reducing Environmental Impact

KLCCP Stapled Group's commitment towards promoting environmental sustainability focuses on delivering sustainable developments, enhancing a sustainable society and cultivating a green and safe corporate culture. We continue to take proactive measures in minimising environmental impact through efficient management of our operations in the areas of Greenhouse Gas emission (GHG), energy efficiency, responsible water and waste management.

Our Approach

At KLCCP Stapled Group, we acknowledge our responsibility and emphasise the needs in raising awareness and understanding of environmental sustainability amongst our business units, stakeholders and the broader community. In line with our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (CoBE) and as a real estate owner, developer and manager, we aim to minimise disruption to the environment and its adverse impact on the community by reducing the environmental footprint of our buildings and use energy, water and resources more efficiently.

We strive to ensure our decisions contribute to improvements in environmental sustainability, working in-tandem with our tenants in green building initiatives, the local authority, Government and other stakeholders in achieving our targets.

Focus For The Year

Increased elimination of single-use plastics at MOKL Hotel and sourced alternative plastics with lower environmental footprint through Alternative Materials Tool
Food waste recycling at the food courts and supermarkets in Suria KLCC
Replacement of LED lights at common areas in offices, retail and car park as scheduled

Our Material Matters

KLCCP Stapled Group is committed to address climate change risks through reduction of its energy consumption and carbon emissions in its business operations. To-date, our facility management company, KLCC Urusharta Sdn Bhd, our car parking management company, KLCC Parking Management and our hotel, MOKL Hotel are ISO 14001 EMS certified. We anticipate, mitigate and develop adaptation strategies to face the upcoming carbon risks and opportunities, which may affect our tenants, users, guests and community and we monitor our GHG emissions based on:

Initiatives & Performance

Our energy management strategy is one of the pillars to our carbon emissions reduction strategy. We continue to implement energy efficient initiatives across our business operations to achieve our energy reduction target. We monitor and track our energy consumption to measure our energy efficiency and its impact on our overhead, cost, return of investment and the commensurate reduction of GHG emission.

Initiatives & Performance

We effectively and efficiently manage our water use as water resources is critical to our business sustainability and investments. We aim to keep our water consumption to a minimum, reuse water and prevent water pollution. Efficient water management also translates to less energy which reduces carbon footprint and in turn lowers our operational cost.

Initiatives & Performance

We manage waste disposal in a responsible manner to ensure the wellbeing of our tenants, guests, customers and the community at large. We also promote and educate employees, customers, guests and community on the importance of recycling and responsible waste disposal which is part of our commitment and contribution towards our environment for the benefit of our future generation.

Initiatives & Performance

We promote the use of sustainable building and fit out materials in our assets and eco-friendly products throughout our operations as a part our roles in inculcating environmental values and behaviours within the organisation and delivering environmental, social and business benefits.

Initiatives & Performance

We acknowledge the critical need to conserve our environment for our current and future generations. Therefore, we continue to upscale our efforts in maintaining and conserving our ecosystem and biodiversity through landscaping, conservation of native species and habitat protection and tree planting to leave a positive and lasting legacy in the areas where we operate.

Initiatives & Performance

Case Study

Food Waste Recycling at Suria KLCC

Suria KLCC commenced its food waste recycling programme in February 2020 with the aim to reduce waste disposal to landfill and minimise the release of harmful greenhouse gases to the environment. Despite the temporary closure of the mall from April to June 2020 due to the COVID-19 Movement Control Order (MCO) enforcement, the recycling activity generated an average of 13 tonnes of food waste recycled per month from July 2020. The food waste recycling is being carried out in three phases:

Managing Water Supply Disruption at KLCC Precinct

Water connects every aspect of our lives. Access to safe water is critical as it contributes to the people’s well-being and for businesses that use water as an essential part of their operations, efficient water management is vital for business sustainability.

Eliminating Single-Use Plastics at MOKL Hotel

The MOKL Hotel has, over the years since being certified with ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System, taken steps to reduce the amount of single-use plastics.

Managing Wet Food Waste at MOKL Hotel

When compared to overall waste generated by the hotel, wet food waste consists of 26% of the hotel's total waste

Promoting Sustainable Fish Farming at Pulau Ketam by MOKL Hotel

With the increase in human population, the demand for food production increases. Where seafood is concerned, the fishermen will harvest from the oceans and seas.

KLCC Park's Eco-Systems

Malaysia's terrestrial ecosystems and its succession process (as featured in diagram below) is well represented within the KLCC Park which hosts 44 species.

People & Partnership


5-Year Sustainability Roadmap (2019-2023)

Goal 2: Building an Agile, Inclusive and Sustainable Workforce in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) World

Security, Safety & Health

To us, security, safety and health is paramount and critical particularly since we operate in the real estate development and investment industry where increasing number of security threats, work-related injuries, illnesses and inherent risks are becoming more apparent.

As such, we create a positive culture on security, safety and health whilst empowering everyone within the organisation to be part of a solution, enabling us to strengthen our HSE capability and culture.

Our Approach

KLCCP Stapled Group is committed to conducting business in a manner that protects the health, safety and security of our employees, customers, tenants, contractors, suppliers and the community who visit our properties. Our business activities are conducted in accordance with our KLCC HSE Policy and comply with the highest standards of occupational safety and health regulations. This is supported by our HSE Management System (HSEMS), HSE Mandatory Control Framework (MCF) and PETRONAS Technical Standards to strengthen HSE Governance within the KLCCP Stapled Group while providing clear requirements on operational safety, environment and health for consistent and effective implementation.

Focus For The Year

Health and safety of our stakeholders aligned to stringent protocols and measures
Implementation of an Integrated Security Operation Center (ISOC) and New Security Operating Model (NSOM) to enhance security operations within KLCC Precinct
Cyber Security Awareness to inculcate cyber resilience and a cybersecurity mindset across the organisation

Our Material Matters

Our priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers, tenants, visitors, the public and any others who may be affected by our operations. Throughout the year, we have responded with strength to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and have continued to evolve our systems and processes to ensure a safe working environment.

KLCCP Stapled Group acted to swiftly implement safety precautions and measures to protect employee health and safety during the outbreak where appropriate controls were put in place including employee awareness, improved hygiene practices and social distancing.

Initiatives & Performance

In respect to Security Management, we have the responsibility of keeping our guests, tenants, customers and visitors safe. We have in place a KLCC Precinct Security Master Plan which comprises the Security Surveillance System for the Common Areas of the KLCC Precinct. We also collaborate with the Police and PETRONAS Group Security to manage customers’ and visitors’ safety and security across our assets.

With cyber-attacks becoming more prevalent and damaging, KLCCP Stapled Group continues to work on reinforcing its systems and procedures to detect, respond and mitigate potential cyber disruptions for upholding information security protection. Our ICT infrastructure is fully supported by PETRONAS ICT, and we adhere to the PETRONAS’ Baseline Security policy requirements whichare accredited by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 27001:2013 – Information Security Management System.

Initiatives & Performance

Case Study

Health, Security, Safety and Environment (HSSE) Maturity Survey 2018 in Collaboration with GHSSE PETRONAS

The PETRONAS Group is working towards a step change improvement in HSSE and it is perceived that behavioral and cultural issues need to be addressed to achieve this improvement

Our People

Our people are the bedrock of our company, and through their dedication, passion and belief in our shared values, we deliver desired results. While this year was a tough year for the Group and the entire nation, we continue to keep our employees safe, connected and engaged.

We elevated the robustness of our workforce to deliver superior performance against the challenges in pursuit of continued operational sustainability and making our workforce the capital driver for success. We remained focused on creating a dynamic environment that promotes diversity and inclusivity, with opportunities for holistic growth for our people to grow and build their careers, aligned to their unique needs and development abilities.

Our Approach

We supported our people through this challenging period especially during the remote working period, keeping our employees motivated and in the right mental health.

Our employees stand guided by strict compliance to CoBE without any compromise to the organisation’s integrity. We embrace the Cultural Beliefs which unleash potential in our employees to deliver excellent results. At KLCCP Stapled Group, we believe human capital is fundamental for us and we are guided by a high-performance culture based on meritocracy and performance, subscribing to our KLCC Shared Values, while our Human Resource policies adhere to the strict guidelines on non-discrimination and fairness.

We are also committed to provide opportunities and nurture local talent by promoting talent retention within the organisation and ensure that employees make the best of our organisation. KLCCP Stapled Group strongly believes in investing in training and development initiatives as this leads our organisation towards gaining competitive advantage for future growth and success.

Focus For The Year

Safety, health and emotional wellbeing of our people throughout the COVID-19 pandemic
Strengthening succession planning to ensure leadership continuity for business sustainability
Implementation of leadership development programs to groom leaders to take up their roles effectively
Transforming digital native mindset amongst the employees to face new realities with the evolving needs of the industry and workplace

Our Material Matters

We view equality, diversity and inclusion within our workplace as business imperative and continuously strive to provide equal opportunity in recruitment, career development, promotion, training and reward for all employees regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

89% of our workforce constitute permanent employees while the remaining are contract employees who are hired based on their specific skills for certain projects for a particular duration.

While keeping our employees safe and connected throughout the year, we continued to unleash the power of our people through continuous learning experiences bot virtually and physically where need be. We nurture talents through focused and strategic training, giving every employee the opportunity to learn and grow to build their careers while following their passion.

Initiatives & Performance

  • A self-directed learning platform through Harvard ManageMentor which includes 41 topics covering areas such as strategic thinking, business plan development, writing skills, customer focus, presentation skills, and marketing essentials
  • Various Leadership Programs for Managerial levels to solidify the management team and enhance its effectiveness
  • Student Internship Programmes where we partner with local tertiary education institutions to offer student internship opportunities for students interested in the real estate sector
  • On-the-job training for hotel employees to enhance skills in various areas
  • Certified Professional Scheduled Waste Management Training for Suria KLCC to understand the legal requirements on scheduled waste management and able to identify, classify and categorise type of scheduled wastes

Our people strategy continues to focus on attracting, retaining and inspiring our people to make a significant impact within our organisation. We see the recruitment, promotion and retention of young talents as key strategy and thus our talents are managed from hire to retire.

We ensure leadership continuity hence, we constantly strengthen our performance management system, engage our high-performing employees to set stretched key performance targets to assume bigger roles and responsibilities.

Initiatives & Performance

  • We have in place a Talent Strategy Blueprint detailing the strategies on attracting, retaining and developing talents, spanning a 5-year horizon
  • The blueprint outlines the HR roadmap and milestones focusing on three strategic thrusts - getting the right talents, putting them in the right environment and building right leaders
  • Establishment of various talent management programmes from entry level to top-tier executive level
  • Intensified the succession planning to realign critical position successors to enhance and retain qualified and competent talent for business sustainability
  • Refreshed the Capability Development Working Committee with new members to steer organisational capability development and review capability inventory and standards to set the benchmark and thresholds

Maintaining employee engagement and productivity during these challenging times is utmost important to our overall performance. As we always put our people first, we focused on the health and emotional wellbeing of our people by ensuring consistent communication and remaining close to their needs and concerns.

Our employee engagement programs have created a conducive work environment for our people whom we consider our greatest asset. We engage and enrich our employees through work-life balance, building a workforce that embraces our Cultural Beliefs in delivering performance.

Initiatives & Performance

  • Employee Engagement
    • Virtual CEO Townhall
    • MOKL Hotel Round Table Conference
    • Hi-Tea with MOKL Hotel General Manager
  • Employee Wellness
    • Blood Donation Campaign
    • Naluri App for Mental and Physical Health Support during COVID-19
    • Employee Assistance Programme via Turning Point Integrated Wellness Centre
    • Virtual Fitness Sessions
    • MOKL Hotel Wellness Engagement Programme – MOFIT 2020
    • MOKL Hotel Sports and Recreational Activities

We demonstrate responsible workplace practices with respect to employment and fully comply with the legislations on the welfare and rights of our employees and workers as well as our service providers at our project sites.

We abide by the following laws together with all related regulations and guidelines, which promote fair and responsible employment practices.

In an effort to motivate and retain employees, we also emphasise on enhancing employee welfare and catering to the growing needs of our people. We believe offering benefits to our people is important because it shows them that we are investing in not only their needs and overall health, but also their future.

We have a strong commitment to human rights which is an integral part of our business etiquette. We practice Anti-Child and Anti-Forced Labour by complying with the Children and Young Persons (Employment) Act 1966 (ACT 350) and we ensure all employees are issued employment contract specifying clear employment terms and conditions.

We respect all employees' fundamental rights to freedom of association and the rights to be member of trade unions. Although KLCCP Stapled Group is not a unionised organisation, we stand guided by the Industrial Relations Act which allows trade unions to act on behalf of our employees for collective barganing, providing them with an additional avenur to seek redress for disputes

Reliable Partner

We believe that our ability to create values relies on strong and enduring relationships with our suppliers, customers and the communities we operate in. This is reflected in our commitment of taking an active role in ensuring increased communications with our suppliers, keeping our customers safe, supporting the resilience of our tenants and giving back to the community especially during these challenging times.

Our Approach

Our objective as a reliable property investment and development group is to make meaningful contributions economically and socially and grow with our stakeholders which include our suppliers, customers, tenants and business partners to maintain long-term partnerships across our business portfolios. We stay committed to being close to the hearts of our customers whilst understanding their changing needs particularly in the face of disruption caused by the global pandemic

We also increased our communication with suppliers and continually assessed supply chains for potential disruption and reinforced our requirement to comply with the Supplier’s Code of Conduct throughout the pandemic. Despite the challenging period for our business operations and driven by a commitment to be a force for good, we continue to invest in special community needs by supporting charity associations, donation drives and fundraising

Focus For The Year

Tenant sustainability through tenant assistance packages to affected retailers on a lease by lease basis
Driving retail customer traffic and sales through experiential, reward-driven and trade campaigns
Creating unique experiences for retail customers and hotel guests through curated collaborations with renowned brands and leveraging on digital technology

Our Material Matters

Every year, we engage hundreds of suppliers to assist in undertaking our business activities of delivering the end product. Building a network of supplier relationships help us to create value through our development activities and managing our properties more efficiently. We have a robust system in place to continuously review our supply chain, take concrete actions to enhance the quality of services and products we procure, and work closely with our suppliers to improve their sustainable performances. We ensure our entire procurement process takes into account the EES impacts of our business practices even during the pandemic.

All contracts with our contractors, consultants and suppliers contain provisions requiring them to adhere to and comply with our CoBE. To ensure transparent and fair practices by vendors, the supplier’s code of conduct include a provision in the contract terms and conditions on fighting corruption, maintaining business ethics and prioritising HSE practices.

KLCCP Stapled Group practives sustainable procurement by ensuring its entire procurement process entails the following areas:

Sustainable Supply Chain & Ethical Behaviour
Suppliers's Code of Conduct
Suppliers Diversity & Local Procurement
Supplier Audits
Purchasing Policy & Scope
Green Procurement

Initiatives & Performance

  • Awareness Session on Procurement Procedure for new employees
  • Conducted Contractor Risk Assessment (CORA) to identify potential risk of non-performing contractor
  • Training for vendors and service providers to create awareness on the implementation of Anti-Bribery Management System for attaining the ISO 37001:2016 certification and emphasised our practice of zero tolerance to bribery

We connect with our stakeholders especially our tenants and customers in expanding the outreach and quality of service to build a shared sense of responsibility and societal development. This year, we focused on regaining customers’ confidence and footfall in Suria KLCC by providing a convenient, safe and secured shopping environment and worked on aggressive marketing and promotional efforts.

We also worked towards regaining our hotel guests’ momentum with locally tailored offers and promotions and accelerated digital marketing initiatives to drive more business. In securing long-term partnership, we are constantly working with our office and retail tenants in ensuring business continuity and tenant sustainability

Initiatives & Performance

  • Ensured facility readiness, installed thermal imaging cameras, social distancing labelling and markers at all common areas of our properties. Adhered to strict hygiene standards and increased sanitisation and disinfection of frequent touchpoints
  • Prioritised retail tenant assistance to preserve business sustainability
  • Reconfiguration of anchor-to-specialty stores at Suria KLCC to broaden the retail offer
  • Escalator modernisation project at Suria KLCC
  • Quarterly engagements with retailers to help them deliver experiences that are complementary to Suria KLCC’s overall strategy and retail space
  • Digital marketing efforts which enable guests to identify our hotel’s world class hospitality services
  • MOKL Hotel capitalised on the domestic market through various Staycations packages to ramp up sales efforts
  • Transformation of the NWD car park to fully ticketless and cashless payment to maintain customers’ safety by avoiding touch points and improving customers’ convenience

Being part of the society within which KLCCP Stapled Group operates, we recognize our responsibility to make a positive difference to the broad range of local communities and deliver long-term social value across our portfolios. We have come together in positive ways in times of COVID-19 to reach out to the welfare of the community despite the challenging extraordinary year. We also continue to support various stakeholder engagement activities which include environmental sustainability, health, social integration and reaching out to the underprivileged community.

Initiatives & Performance

  • Various contribution in relation to Covid-19 i.e monetary contribution to University Malaya Medical Centre for purchase of PPE, appreciating front liners by distributing food and etc
  • Charity/ Donation Drives/ Fundraising/ Community Service
    • Donation to Children’s Wish Society
    • Suria KLCC collaborated with Komuniti Tukang Jahit and purchased their hand-sewn batik-designed mask to be given away complimentary to shoppers in an essential kit
    • Involved in Reach Out Program – donation of food to the homeless
    • Christmas Tree of Hope - Seven homes/societies participated with 303 children requesting for their preferred toys, clothes or educational items
    • Contribution to the Police Administrative and Civilian Staff Union



KLCCP Stapled Group is subject to corporate governance requirements set out by the Main Market Listing Requirements (MMLR) of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad and best practices as stipulated by the Malaysian Code of Corporate Governance (MCCG) issued by the Securities Commission Malaysia. With greater accountability and transparency, KLCCP Stapled Group strives to strengthen its corporate governance, anchoring it to its organizational culture and aligning it to our shared values that will ultimately secure the confidence and support of the Group’s holders of Stapled Securities

Our Approach

At KLCCP Stapled Group, corporate governance practices are more than just compliance. It is our corporate culture encompassing values, attitude and behaviour that we embrace in all areas of conduct and it forms the foundation for our organisation’s success. We take a proactive approach in observing high standards of corporate conduct with good corporate governance policies and practices in ensuring the sustainability of the organisation and safeguarding the interests of the holders of Stapled Securities and maximising long-term stakeholder value.

Our commitment to good corporate governance is reflected in the CoBE which guides the organisation in fulfilling its business obligations with utmost integrity and transparency. Our commitment in driving the culture of openness, transparency and accountability are reflected through our adoption of the No Gift Policy and Whistleblowing Policy and our adherence to the Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy and Guidelines (ABC Manual).

Our continuous effort in managing integrity risk within the organisation reflects our commitment to conduct business responsibly in support of the Group’s zero tolerance to bribery and corruption. In managing the risk, the Group has a robust KLCC Resiliency Model which provides an integrated view on the overall strategy for managing risk, focusing on three key areas - Enterprise Risk Management, Crisis Management and Business Continuity Management

Focus For The Year

Balance gender representation in Board membership of KLCCP and KLCCRM
Independent expert evaluation of Boards Committees for KLCCP and KLCCRM
Establishment of Non-Executive Directors Remuneration Framework Voting in absentia for remote participation in Annual General Meetings (AGMs)
ABMS ISO 37001:2016 certification for KLCCP, KLCCRM, KLCCUH and KPM
Integrated assurance exercise on risks and controls for KLCCP Stapled Group

Our Material Matters

KLCCP Stapled Group implements good corporate governance that promotes openness and transparency in all aspects of our business, addressing the risk of corruption and bribery, misconducts and conflict of interests

Initiatives & Performance

Risk management is an integral part of KLCCP Stapled Group’s business at both strategic and operational levels. KLCCP Stapled Group has an established Enterprise Risk Management Governance Framework which outlines the risk policy, risk governance and structure, risk measurement and risk operations and system.

Our Risk Management Oversight Structure comprise the Boards, Audit Committee (ACs), Risk Management Committee (RMC) and the top Management. The structure is used to assign responsibility for risk management and facilitates the process for assessing and communicating risk issues from operational levels to the Boards.

KLCCP Stapled Group has developed a robust KLCC Resiliency Model to provide an integrated view on the overall strategy for managing risk focusing on three key areas:

Initiatives & Performance

Corporate Governance & Compliance

We take pride and place importance on strong governance culture and implement international best practices across the business segments. We strictly conform to the respective laws, rules and regulations in the country where we operate.

We incorporate elements of sustainability recognising the responsibilities to our stakeholders and acknowledging that the organisation should play an important role in contributing towards the welfare of the community.

We also acknowledge the need to safeguard and minimise the impact to the environment in achieving our objectives. Our good corporate governance reflects our commitment to economic support for longer term sustainability with a focus on the positive impact on the environment, community and society

Business Ethics & Integrity

We are committed to conducting business with integrity, consistent with high standards and business practices and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements.

KLCCP Stapled Group adopts and complies with the PETRONAS Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (CoBE) which is embedded throughout our organisation and form the basis for all our policies, procedures, and actions, as well as the personal behavior of our stakeholders.

KLCCP Stapled Group adopts the PETRONAS Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) Manual and has zero tolerance for all forms of bribery and corruption and complies to a No Gift Policy. We also adopt the PETRONAS Whistleblowing Policy which encourages openness and transparency in our commitment to the highest standard of integrity and accountability.

Initiatives & Performance

  • Asset Declaration and Gift Register was put in force where employees devlared their assets to the organisation to ensure management and employees do not abuse their power for personel gain or acquire assets through unlawful means of dealings
  • Rollout of the Anti-Bribery Corruption Manual across all employees to serve as a reminder to all employees to maintain the highest standards of integrity at work and in all business dealings
  • KLCC Group Integrity Action Plan was developed to manage integrity risk and ensure all employees are fully commited to conducting business with integrity and champion our stand on Zero Tolorance against all forms of bribery and corruption
  • Undertook the Ikrar Bebas Rasuah (CorruptionFree Pledge) in collaboration with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commision (MACC) involving our Management Leadership Team
  • Established Declaration of Conflict of Interest as an avenue for employees to declare a situation of conflict of interest

Risk Management

KLCCP Stapled Group has an established Enterprise Risk Management Framework which outlines the risk policy, risk governance and structure, risk measurement and risk operations and system for the Group. The Risk Management Oversight Structure which consists of the Boards, Audit Committees, Management Committee and Risk Management Committee sets out the structure used to assign responsibility for risk management and facilitates the process for assessing and communicating risk issues from operational levels to the Boards.

Our Boards developed an integrated robust risk management system for business resiliency focusing on three key areas i.e. Enterprise Risk Management, Crisis Management and Business Continuity Management.