Environmental stewardship is a core responsibility of KLCCP Stapled Group to promote a sustainable society and cultivate a green and safe corporate culture. We continue to take proactive measures in improving environmental performance and efficiency of the assets we manage in the areas of Greenhouse Gas emissions, energy efficiency and responsible water and waste management. We also encourage employees’ engagement and involvement in eco-friendly activities and conservation efforts.

Our retail and hotel properties and asset management company continue to support and step up KLCCP Stapled Group’s efforts in responsible energy management, water efficiency and environmental conservation programs in its many areas of operations to make a positive difference and ensure that the best practices have minimum adverse effects on the general well-being of customers, guests and employees.

Greenhouse gas (GHG)

Continuous improvement of environmental footprint

We recognize our role in managing climate change impact towards achieving a lower carbon economy.

KLCCP Stapled Group is committed to address climate change risks through reduction of its energy consumption and carbon emissions in its business operations and externally certified Environmental Management System (EMS) 14001 certification. Todate, our facility management company, KLCC Urusharta Sdn Bhd and our hotel , MOKL Hotel are ISO 14001 EMS certified.

Our monitoring and reporting of GHG emissions is based on :
Scope 1 - Direct Combustion (Natural Gas and Diesel consumption).
Scope 2 - Indirect Combustion (Electricity and Chilled Water consumption).


Prudent use of energy towards operational excellence

Our energy management strategy is one of the pillars to our carbon emissions reduction strategy. Energy management is unquestionably of great importance to KLCCP Stapled Group as we rely on energy across our business operations of property development and facilities management.

Reducing energy consumption in our commercial buildings is vital to achieve KLCCP Stapled Group’s energy efficiency goals and impact on overhead, cost, return on investment and the commensurate reduction of GHG emissions.


Efficient and responsible management to meet
fresh water needs

We recognise that water is a key resource in our operations and we realise the need to manage our water consumption effectively and maintain the quality of water for the users at all our buildings.

We ensure our employees, tenants, customers and guests experience a healthy and pleasant environment.


Strengthening practices to minimize environmental effects

We practice responsible and environmental-friendly waste disposal to minimize the adverse effects on environment.

We promote and educate employees, customers, guests and community on importance of recycling and responsible waste disposal contributing towards a long-term sustainable future.

Material Use

Committed to sustainable and responsible practices

As a real estate owner, developer and manager, KLCCP Stapled Group takes pride in ensuring the assets and facilities managed are in pristine condition and cater to the comforts of our users and occupants whilst adhering to environmental friendly products and material use.

The use of sustainable building materials in our assets and the eco-friendly products which we promote throughout our operations play a part in driving environmental values and behaviours within the organisation and delivering environmental, social and business benefits.