We recognize that our employees are our most valuable asset. Our employees ensure that our organization continues to sustain growth, remain viable and competitive. With our people being the cornerstone of KLCCP Stapled Group’s achievements, management is committed to develop a motivated and highly professional and competent workforce by continuously improving its organizational climate and empowering its employees through training and development programs throughout the year.

Our employees are guided by our clear vision and mission and we subscribe to Shared Values of Innovative, Cohesiveness, Loyalty, Integrity and Professionalism. In line with our aim of promoting high performance, we embrace the PETRONAS Cultural Beliefs, transforming our work culture in delivering superior results.

Responsible Employment

Performance-driven organization, adopting fair and responsible employment practices

We place emphasis on driving high performance through implementation of a Balanced Scorecard framework and methodology promoting objective performance assessment via Individual Performance Contract (IPC) measuring specific Key Performance Indicators.

KLCCP Stapled Group demonstrates responsible workplace practices with respect to employment. We fully comply with the legislations on the welfare and rights of our employees and workers as well as our service providers at our project sites.

We abide by the Malaysian Labour Laws encompassing the Employment Act 1955 (ACT 265), Trade Union Act 1959 (ACT 262), Industrial Relation Act 1967 (ACT 177), amongst others, together with all related regulations and guidelines, which promote fair and responsible employment practices.

We have established Board Nomination and Remuneration Committees in ensuring compliance with policies, implementation of best practices and continuous benchmarking against industry’s best and the Human Resource Planning and Development Committee (HRPDC) to discuss the Group’s human resource policies, guidelines and employee matters on a quarterly basis.

Leadership And Capability

Hone functional skills, behavioural competencies, leadership and mindset

We build and nurture the employee culture that strives for superior performance.

We groom and grow our internal talents by setting high standards of expectations and recognize achievements with monetary and non-monetary incentives.

We are focused on developing talent with the right competencies, knowledge and leadership skills at all levels.

Equality, Diversity And Inclusion

Provide equal opportunities to spur professional and intellectual growth

We support equality and foster a harmonious relationship with our employees through our guidance of the KLCC Shared Values and the CoBE.

Women employees make up 37% of KLCCP Stapled Group’s workforce.

Our employees represent a workforce of diverse racial, religious and cultural backgrounds and we treat all with respect and dignity.

Our recruitment and selection of employees are on the basis of merit and regardless of age, race, gender, religion or disability.

Our employees are provided equal opportunities for professional and intellectual growth and development in nurturing them to achieve their full potential.


Respecting human rights in our operations, complying to our code of conduct and business ethics

We abide by the Malaysian Labour Laws together with all related regulations and guidelines which promote fair and responsible employment practices.

We have an established Board Nomination and Remuneration Committee in ensuring compliance to policies and implementation of best practices.

Our remuneration practices comply with Malaysia’s Minimum Wage regulation and overtime compensation in accordance with the Employment Act.

We practice Anti-Child and Anti-Forced Labour by complying with the Children and Young Persons (Employment) Act 1966 (ACT 350) and we ensure all employees are issued employment contract specifying clear employment terms and conditions.

We respect all employees fundamental rights to freedom of association and the rights to be members of trade unions. We stand guided by the Malaysia Labour Laws which allows trade unions to act on behalf of employees for collective bargaining.