As a property investment and development Group, creating value and delivering a lasting and positive impact to the community surrounding us as a reliable partner is integral to the success of our business. We are committed to taking an active and long term role in managing the relationships with our stakeholders and working as a partner with the communities to engage both citizens and community partners to ensure continuous improvement in our approach to sustainability and in giving back to the community which surrounds us.

We work with our stakeholder groups to build and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships by building trust and commitment and growing with our partners to maintain long-term partnerships across our business portfolios. We have been collaborating with our tenants to help them meet their sustainability goals and we are supportive of our tenant's energy conservation efforts. We aim to provide communicative channels for suggestions and feedback from tenants and customers to be regularly integrated into sustainability decision making.

Economic and

Spurring indirect impact to drive economic influence and long term partnerships

The development within the KLCC Precinct has marked a milestone in the growth of Kuala Lumpur and is the benchmark for the urban spatial planning and development in Malaysia.

Our properties within the KLCC Precinct have bridged people together and built a stronger sense of community where people can work, live, shop, play, meet, visit and eat.

We create awareness, promote the attractions in KLCC Precinct through convenient access to information on places of interest to boost the tourism industry.

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Customer and

Bridging gaps to inculcate a stronger sense of community

We engage with the communities surrounding us to foster goodwill and to contribute towards their well-being and social development.

We support various stakeholder engagement activities which include environmental sustainability, health and safety, social integration as well as reaching out to the underprivileged children.

Our employees are encouraged to be involved in community outreach projects while inculcating the spirit of helping the underprivileged and the needy.

Supply Chain

Promoting ethical and sustainable business practices in our value chain

Managing our supply chain effectively is integral to our business strategy. This means having a robust system in place to continuously review our supply chain, taking concrete actions to enhance the quality of services and products we procure, and working closely with our suppliers to improve their sustainable performances.

We are committed to responsible procurement practices and supply chain management. We engage with our suppliers to educate them on responsible practices and ethical tendering process.

We also ensure our suppliers are audited for compliance before they are listed as preffered suppliers and monitored for continuous improvement.