Sustainability to KLCCP Stapled Group means to spur long term viability via a robust investment portfolio which entails adopting the changing business landscape and promoting sustainable development in growing the Group’s real estate activities including investment and development of commercial, retail and hotel properties. We integrate the concept of sustainability into our current and existing real estate portfolio with sustainable industry best practices.

KLCCP Stapled Group has a sense of responsibility to the people with whom we do business and the broader community in which we operate. KLCCP Stapled Group is committed to longer term value through our goals for sustainable development via responsible economic, environment and social practices.

  • Upholding transparency in our actions and disclosures to ensure the highest standards of governance, business ethics and integrity in our operations
  • Improving environmental operational sustainability to make a positive difference in our investment and development in the communities we serve
  • Committed to providing a safe and healthy work place for our people, assets and businesses throughout our operations
  • Nurturing a high performance culture within the organization by adopting responsible employment practices, development of talent and providing equal opportunities to sustain growth, remain viable and competitive
  • Creating value and delivering lasting impact to the community we serve by making meaningful contributions economically and socially and growing with our stakeholders to maintain long-term partnerships across our business portfolios

We embed sustainability in all our business operations and believe participation by top management and employees is vital to the successful implementation of the strategies for sustainable development.

Guided by the PETRONAS Corporate Sustainability Framework, and premised on the Sustainability Guidelines of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, our focus on sustainability is shaped by five priority areas for KLCCP Stapled Group reflecting the themes and indicators for the construction and real estate sector and taking into consideration our unique business requirements, wider industry landscape while being mindful of stakeholder requirements.