The KLCCP Stapled Group aspire to associate with individuals who are dynamic, energetic, committed and resourceful in all endeavours and dedicated in working together to chart new milestones.

We are committed in creating condusive work environment and create opportunities for employees to further nurture and develop their skills. The Group does pay attention to human capital development and superior performance culture is instilled in all employees.

Our Philosophy

  • We have embarked on a superior performance culture where employees are rewarded annually on their level of performance
  • We are united through a performance driven culture which emphasises on supporting each other's efforts towards the growth of KLCCP Stapled Group
  • Members of the staff are the vital contributors of KLCCP Stapled Group. Hence, their career development is an important priority for the Group. Placement and mobility of all members of the staff is based on the philosophy of the right person having the right skills being placed in the right position at the right time. By adhering to this philosophy, we can develop staff members who have well-rounded capabilities through mobilising them across businesses
  • All members of the staff in the KLCCP Stapled Group are valuable business partners who play an integral role in realising the vision and mission of the Stapled Group. Their daily business activities are guided by the five core internalised values of iCLIP
  • We want our staff members to be open to opportunities within the Stapled Group to stretch their capabilities and be passionate about what they do as well as accountable for their deliverables
  • Succession planning is seriously being pursued for key critical positions to eliminate any interruption in the business arising and ensure continuity of implementation of approval policies